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Ancient Chinese Piece Reproduction

This product was probably one of the most challenging given the product origins. The origin of the Chinese piece is from somewhere in mainland China and to be no less than 80 years old. It belongs to a chess set where every piece was carved from what is believe to be whale bone. The owner was very disappointed that one of the major pieces was missing. The fact that it was so old meant that there was no way to order a replacement. So the task in this project was to reproduce an ancient Chinese piece. We decided to cast the ancient piece from hard plastic. We were even able to match the color of the piece as it was new back 80 years ago! The reproduction was so well matched that no differences are visible and details as small as a few thousands of an inch were reproduced. Among the details reproduced were tiny carving marks in the original. We even impressed the owner by reproducing the piece in different colors.

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